Four-Decade-long Devotion for Patients


Choe Mi Sun in her childhood received medical treatment for nephritis in a district hospital in Pyongyang. At that time she was deeply impressed by a nurse who made sincere efforts to take care of her. She made up her mind to be a nurse in the future.

After graduation from a middle school and a nurse school, she was assigned to the neurosurgery department of Kim Man Yu Hospital as a nurse. Seventeen years later, she was appointed to the cardiosurgery department as a chief nurse.

She always carried with herself a well-thumbed pocketbook, in which she wrote down the story of her sincere efforts for in-patients. There were some notes, which read as follows:

I warmed up a blood recipient and served hot porridge. He had a high fever, so I wet his lips with damp gauze whenever he felt thirst. I also applied ice bags to his forehead and armpits. Next day I massaged his back and nape.

A case with his heart valves replaced. He began to get a little better, but his face turned pale abruptly. Blood pressure dropped and electrocardiographic complex decreased. After applying cardiac massage and artificial respiration to him, he came to his senses, but I can’t feel easy about his health even for a moment.

Son Myong Il, a girl aged 25. At present she cannot have an operation because of various complications due to heart diseases and hepatic insufficiency. It is necessary to improve her liver function until she is restored to health for operation.

Over the past four decades Choe Mi Sun has taken part in hundreds of surgical operations and rendered tangible services to bringing back to life over 15,000 serious cases and more than 1,500 severe cases. She has also trained over 100 nurses after starting her career as the chief nurse.

She is the mother of two sons, but she is still busy taking care of in-patients.

She always says to her colleagues: We should become the sisters and mothers of in-patients before performing our duty as nurses.

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