Calling Them Family of Patriots


In September Juche 101 (2012) the respected supreme leader Kim Jong Un visited the family of educators that moved into a new house in Changjon Street.

He asked the householder Sim Tong Su what kind of job his wife had and where his daughters were working.

Hearing Sim say that his wife and daughters are all teachers, Kim Jong Un praised the family, saying: All the family members are educators except the son serving in the army. It is not really easy to find such a family.

They told him that they had never imagined they would be given such a palatial house and expressed thanks to him.

Kim Jong Un said that educators must be respected most and treated preferentially in our society and the family of such educators are qualified to live in the new house, and continued: The educators bringing up the rising generations are the patriots devoting their conscience to the future of the country. So we attach importance to education and put forward the educators.

As the roots of large trees can’t be seen, so the devotion and sincerity of the teachers are not seen just now but will be seen in the rising generations contributing to prosperity of the country. This is a family of patriots devoting their conscience to bringing up the coming generations of the country. I am very pleased to see such a family.

Sim Tong Su Says: “Elated by the trust, we are devoting all our sincerity to education, the conscience, devotion and patriotism. We will become the roots supporting the country forever with the viewpoint that we are career revolutionists bringing up the coming generations of the country like a gardener growing flowers and trees, further glorifying the pride and honour of the family of patriots.”

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