The Moan of Wind He Heard Out


The respected supreme leader Kim Jong Un looked round Changjon Street before its completion in May Juche 101 (2012).

He went to the very top floor of the 45-storey apartment house to go round every flat.

He felt the floor of the living room and in the kitchen, he looked around at it before going out to the veranda.

All of a sudden, he said the moan of the wind is heard.
The accompanying officials strained their ears to hear the wind and found that he was right.

Saying the wind from the window might give inconvenience to the dwellers, Kim Jong Un repeatedly stressed the need to make good windbreaks on window frames lest the wind should come into the flats at all.

Under his loving care the inhabitants in the apartment houses in Changjon Street are living without any inconveniences.

Categories: Anecdotes, Narrated

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