“Ordinance on Student Soldiers”, Japan’s Policy for Obliterating Korean Nation


The large-scale popular uprising of the Korean people against the Japanese imperialists, which started on March 1, Juche 8 (1919), swept over the whole of Korea. It was an all-people patriotic struggle which dealt a telling blow to the Japanese military rule.

Far from drawing a serious lesson from the uprising, the Japanese imperialists committed lots of crimes against the Korean nation during their military occupation of Korea (1905-1945).

One of them was the “Ordinance on Student Soldiers”.

The ordinance was the product of Japan’s policy for obliterating the Korean nation by forcibly drafting young Koreans studying at professional and high schools and colleges and using them as the supplier of cannon fodders.

It was aimed at filling up human resources needed for the Pacific War (December 1941-August 1945) and stamping out the anti-Japanese forces in Korea by driving Korean youth and students into battlefields.

To this end, the Japanese imperialists adopted a wartime military education law in 1943 and forced all provincial governors and headmasters of schools to execute it.

After the publication of the law, Korean students were forced to do murderous military trainings every day before they were drafted to the units of the Japanese troops under the surveillance and control of gendarme, police and secret agents.

When their “ordinance” was met with outright rejection of Korean youth and students, the Japanese imperialists egged pro-Japanese stooges and traitors to the nation on to admonish the former to obey it. Meanwhile, they committed the police and gendarme to the arrest of those who refused the “ordinance” and forcibly drafted them into their army.

A large number of young Koreans got deformed mentally and physically while conducting military trainings under all sorts of humiliation and oppression and were forced to meet miserable death at battlefields.

The coercive enforcement of the “ordinance” by the Japanese imperialists was the most hideous A-class state-sponsored crime based on the heionous national chauvinism.

It is a moral obligation for Japan to make an apology and reparation for the crime.

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