Economic Development & Construction

Province Sets An Example By Fending For Itself



Kangwon Province has taken the lead in the current offensive for a frontal breakthrough in the country.

“In fact, Kangwon Province has the most unfavourable conditions for development in the country as compared to other provinces. It lacks natural resources and has poor industrial foundations, bad weather and infertile land,” said a Cabinet official.

Such a province produces everything it needs by itself, ranging from cement and steel to metal fittings, tiles, sanitary ceramic ware and even all kinds of insulators needed for the construction of the network of transmission and supply of electricity. After properly solving the problem of salt and spring water shortage, it produces antibiotics like berberine hydrosulfate injection as well as Koryo medicines with locally abundant medicinal materials. New cultivation methods are widely employed in agricultural production to increase crop yield in low-yielding fields which account for the most of the farmland in the province.

“All these achievements are credited to the efforts of the provincial population to meet their needs by themselves under the banner of self-reliance,” said Kwon Chol Nam, vice-chairman of the provincial people’s committee.

In recent years alone the province has built the provincial tree nursery with an annual production capacity of over 20 million saplings, a fishery station, spring water factory, old people’s home and other big structures in succession and now the construction of Ichon Army-People Power Station is nearing completion.

Among them the provincial fishery station, which has been built as a modern marine products production and processing base in the area of Thongchon county town, is a clear testimony to the spirit of the Kangwon provincial population to achieve prosperity by themselves.

Though they had no experience of construction on the sea and special equipment or means to build embankment across the rough sea, the builders employed effective construction methods to finish the foundation work of its building, which was estimated to take several years, in a matter of a few months and complete the construction of dozens of metres long breakwater, which was regarded as impossible.

The provincial ranks of talents have been strengthened and the groundwork for its independent growth solidified.

The Wonsan Leather Shoes Factory has made an automatic sole pasting machine, laser cutter and other equipment and developed new products one after another, while the Wonsan City Corn Processing Factory has set up a large-capacity potato farina production process. A great deal of energies has been directed to improving soil fertility and widely applying advanced farming methods, with the result that a good example of producing high yield has been set last year in such mountainous areas as Kumgang County and many farmers reaped a rich harvest of crops, or over 10 tons per hectare.

Thanks to the painstaking efforts of the provincial population, roads, rivers and streams, streets and villages in the province have undergone a facelift and marked progress has been made in the restoration of forests.

“Now we are pressing on with the construction of six power stations including Phyonggang and Kosong army-people power stations and over a dozen major projects such as the construction of a greenhouse farm, fishery station and cannery. We will show the fresh appearance of Kangwon Province in October this year, the 75th anniversary of the Workers’ Party of Korea,” said Kwon.

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