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Processing Techniques Improved To Raise Quality


The Pyongyang Corn Processing Factory located in Rangnang District, Pyongyang, produces a variety of processed corn products.

“From olden times, corn has been likened to gold and gems as it is a precious grain. Our factory produces dozens of kinds of tasty processed goods with corn with delicate and sweet flavours,” said Pak Sung Gol, chief of the technical preparation room.

According to him, the most important thing in corn processing is to ensure the appropriate particle size of corn by crushing it by the right method and on the right heat.

“We employ a cold crushing method to pulverize corn as fine as wheat flour. Therefore, the quality of our processed goods improves, microorganisms cannot infiltrate into it and so there is no problem in storing it,” said Pak.

The factory also ensures the maturity, an important qualitative index of processed corn products, at over 85 percent.

The corn noodles and riced corn processed thus are high in glossiness and transparency.

The noodles, in particular, are smooth, chewy and nice to eat and dissolve little when parboiling.

“Perhaps those who lived in the 1970s would remember the riced corn supplied at food rationing stations. The food was nearly done one, so it was spread over nearly cooked rice to steam it before mixing them. But if rice was cooked imperfectly the riced corn would dissolve to reduce the food to something like gruel or rice cake,” said an employee of the factory.

But the factory’s riced corn is said to be very easy to cook. It is mixed with rice at the ratio of 3:7 or 5:5 and washed in water before being put into a pot. When the food is done, the riced corn swells 2.2 times more than the original size and the cooked rice tastes good, is highly digestible and does not readily harden.

The factory produces various soft, tasty and fragrant foodstuffs with the corn syrup and starch from the Pyongyang Cornstarch Factory and the milk and other dairy products from the Kubin Stockbreeding Cooperative Farm in Kangdong County, including steamed bread, fry, cake, sweet jelly and tea.

The factory ensures hygienic safety of its products based on the strict microbial analysis system.

Its products find their way to over a dozen corn food restaurants and several commercial service facilities in Pyongyang.

“Now we can claim to have possessed perfect corn processing techniques. We are pushing ahead with the development of new products,” said staffer Song Kwang Min.

The Pyongyang Corn Processing Factory plays a pacesetter role for other corn processors throughout the country.

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