Economic Development & Construction

Consumer Developed Into Producer


Chicken Farm 927 which is situated in Ryokpho District, Pyongyang, energizes its management activities by establishing a power generation system based on various energy sources.

It has a solar power generating system with a capacity of over 200kW.

It also produces 1,000m3 of methane gas every day by treating chicken excrement and fermenting them. Methane gas is used in generating 200kW of electricity with an engine generator and producing heat for the service facilities. By-products of the methane gas production are applied to fields as quality organic fertilizer.

The farm is also equipped with a power generating system with a capacity of 300kW relying on the gasification of rice chaff.

Its officials and technicians made a thoroughgoing study and analysis of engine generating facilities used in several other units, and, based on it, manufactured generators and erected a gas-generating furnace as suited to the actual conditions of the farm. They solved by their own efforts and technology all the problems arising in the design and manufacture of machines and facilities and in the improvement of rice chaff gas quality.

The farm employees are striving continuously to advance by dint of self-reliance.

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