Economic Development & Construction

Fish Processing Factory on the East Coast


The sea off Thongchon County, Kangwon Province, is well known for its abundance of marine resources and thus lures lots of fishing vessels from fishery stations on the eastern coast every year.

The Thongchon Fish Processing Factory was inaugurated in the Kosong area of Thongchon County town in December last year to store and process the caught fish promptly and supply fresh fish to people.

The factory occupies a floor space of over 9,800㎡ in a total area of over 38,000㎡.

The harbour is built to serve several fishing vessels at a time and is also equipped with modern unloading facilities.

The fish, after being unloaded from the open holds of the vessels, are transported to the freezing and processing grounds to be washed and selected before being transferred to perpendicular freezers by different conveyors.

After a short span of time deep-frozen blocks of fish are delivered to the cold-storage chamber with a storage capacity of 3,000 tons.

Erection of the processing factory near the fishing ground makes it possible for fishing vessels to catch a larger amount of fish in intensive fishing seasons, saving much fuel and time. And the frozen and processed fish are provided to people to enrich their dietary life.

The factory processed several thousand tons of fish at the end of last year and supplied them to people in various parts of the country.

Officials and workers of the factory are striving to operate all the machines and facilities as demanded by the technical regulations and raise the productivity.

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