Anti-COVID-19 Campaign in Full Swing

The Pyongyang Municipal Hygienic and Anti-epidemic Centre is grasping the anti-epidemic work in detail and reviewing it strictly so as to take scrupulous preventive measures.


Competent officials have been dispatched to make detailed survey and control of predictable spots in streets, villages and others and take relevant measures, and strengthen their control over commercial network and public welfare service facilities to ensure that they observe the hygienic and anti-epidemic regulations and provide a hygienic and healthier environment.


The district hygienic and anti-epidemic centres in Pyongyang put those who show unusual symptoms like flu under medical observation and checkup and give wide publicity to hygienic propaganda information at industrial establishments and people’s neighborhood units. They also produce and supply various kinds of sterilizing solutions and disinfectants and conduct sterilization in a thoroughgoing way.

Meanwhile, they strictly conduct sterilization and test of water at welfare service facilities and reservoirs and make strong demands on inhabitants and workers to always wear their face masks.

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