A Marvellous Scene


In July Juche 107 (2018) when it was awfully sultry owing to unusual high temperature, the respected supreme leader Kim Jong Un visited the Songmak Atlantic Salmon Pedigree Farm again.

Crossing a small bridge across the outlet of waste water, Kim Jong Un suddenly stopped walking and threw his eyes upon the place under the bridge.


While looking for a good while at the shoal of fish teeming in the outlet of waste water, he asked how the rainbow trout could be there.

An official of the farm answered that they were breeding the rainbow trouts in the outlet of waste water as the number of the salmon was increasing.

Laughing a hearty laugh, Kim Jong Un said: It is really unusual. It is for the first time that I see the rainbow trouts of higher quality being bred in the outlet of waste water. The erstwhile “masters” are now “living in a narrow place attached to the main one”. It is a marvellous scene which can be seen only here in the pedigree farm that the rainbow trouts are living in the outlet of waste water.


Kim Jong Un had visited the farm and called for succeeding in the salmon breeding, giving strength and encouragement to the officials. He had also given detailed instructions which would serve as a guideline in the management of the farm and its business activities including the issue on intensifying researches for preventing the breeding salmon from degenerating.

And this time he called at the farm again and spent his time for development of the salmon breeding.

The marvellous scene of the pedigree farm was another legend brought by the affection of Kim Jong Un who loves the people most.

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