A Bag Factory He Visited in the New Year


It happened in January Juche 106 (2017).

Although he had many places and units to visit as his first field guidance in the New Year, the respected supreme leader Kim Jong Un called at the Pyongyang Bag Factory before others.


In the bag sample room, he took up a bag with toy rabbit hanging, a bag for junior middle school girl and a bag for primary school boy and said the bags had been made smartly and the children will be very happy to see the homemade bags.

He also said he seems not to forget the day and he is really reluctant to leave the bag sample room.

That day, picturing to himself the happy children with new bags on their shoulders, Kim Jong Un said: it is said from olden times that much effort is needed to bring up a child. We have millions of children. It can be said that our Party is blessed with the children.

Ri Un Jong, Manageress of the Pyongyang Bag Factory, says: “On the day when he visited the factory, the respected supreme leader Kim Jong Un instructed on directing efforts to producing diversified, mutifarious and muticoloured bags of good quality. He added that even if it takes tremendous efforts for bringing up our children, we regard it as happiness, not as trouble.

The Korean children are growing up in such warm love, learning to their hearts’ content with nothing to envy in the world.”

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