Through Answer of a Girl


In September Juche 105 (2016), different regions of North Hamgyong Province in the northern part of Korea suffered from huge natural disasters due to downpour and typhoon, the first of their kind since the meteorological observation.

At that time members of an international organization went to the afflicted areas for field survey.

There, they met an 11-year-old girl who was left homeless.

Surprisingly, they could not find any sign of fear, despair and disappointment on her face.

A member of the international organization, full of doubt, asked her how she could make a living in the future.

The girl daringly answered: Never mind. Our father Marshal Kim Jong Un will build a new house soon.

Being asked again what she is determined to be, the girl said she would become a soldier of the People’s Army defending the grateful system.

Nobody knew at that time what kind of state measures would be taken, but she had the firm belief that Marshal Kim Jong Un would take measures to build new houses.

Not long after that, her answer proved to be true.


The Workers’ Party of Korea, in an appeal to the entire people across the country, said: “…Our Party has never thought of its existence and a progress of the revolution apart from the destiny and life of the people even for a moment. The more we love the people and the greater their happiness becomes, the stronger the revolutionary ranks get and the farther the revolution advances. This is our Party’s outlook on the revolution. Measures should be taken to keep the people in the afflicted areas from suffering in the imminent intense cold at cost of any sum of money and even the whole assets of the country….”


Under the guidance of the Party, dwelling houses for more than 11,900 families were built in the afflicted areas in over 60 days while tens of new streets and villages constructed on a modern basis.

Schools were built in the flood-stricken areas before others and in October all the children there enjoyed themselves at the Songdowon International Children’s Camp under the care of the Party.


The great change in the northern part of North Hamgyong Province was a brilliant fruition of the wise guidance of the respected supreme leader Kim Jong Un with warm love for the people and the spirit of devoted service for them.


A Western lawyer said with admiration: “What the US-led allied forces fear is, in fact, the youth of General Kim Jong Un, his confidence in victory added by the youth and audacity and his myth-like power rallying the people as one, rather than the nukes and missiles of Korea.”

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