Nature, Recycling, Afforestation, & Green Energy

Diverse Energy Resources Tapped Nationwide


Efforts are being made throughout the country to tap renewable energy resources.

“Last year alone, over a hundred thousand kW of renewable energy generating capacity was created across the country,” said an official of the State Commission of Science and Technology.

More specifically, solar power generating capacity accounts for more than 86 percent, with the generation based on biomass and coal gasification amounting to over 7.7 and 4.7 percent respectively. A research is underway in several units to lower the cost of wind-driven power generation system and increase generation efficiency.

The power generation systems based on diverse energy resources are almost independent ones, and dozens of units adopt the system parallel one.

In Pyongyang, the system parallel solar power generation system was established in the Sci-Tech Complex, Mokran Kwangmyong Company, Ryuwon Footwear Factory and many other units, while the independent system was introduced into over 2,000 units.

Some families in Taesong District, Pyongyang, make effective use of electricity under the organic integration with the national power grid by applying the system parallel inversion technology to the solar power generation system.

“At present, it can be said that the inversion technology is near to completion in our country. The home-made inverters are cost-effective and not inferior to foreign ones in terms of their efficiency,” said a technician of the Ministry of Electric Power Industry.

A method is being sought to link the independent systems based on various energy resources with the national power grid.

Rason City has put power generation on normal footing, irrespective of weather conditions, by establishing the decentralized power generation system based on solar and hydroelectric power resources.

Unchon County of South Hwanghae Province built hundreds of kW of generating capacity with the help of more than 500 wind turbines, while Unnyul County installed over 300 wind-driven turbines in different institutions and dwelling houses.

The North Phyongan provincial power distribution station installed dozens of wind turbines and thousands of solar panels in the places where sunlight and wind can be effectively afforded to increase generating efficiency.

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