Representing Their Ardent Yearning in Songs


In the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea February is a significant month because the great leader Kim Jong Il was born on February 16. All places in this country are filled with ardent yearning for him.

The officials and employees of the Pyongyang Kim Jong Suk Textile Mill visited by Kim Jong Il several times express more ardent yearning for him.

Workshop Head Pak Ki Yong says: “The great Kim Jong Il was so pleased to see the mass production of good-quality cloths that he beamed all over his face.

He smiled so brightly, picturing to himself the people who would be happy in clothes made with different kinds of cloths produced at the mill. We cannot forget his sunny smile forever.”

Worker Kim Chun says: “Seeing us working at the modern workplace with an air of satisfaction, the great Kim Jong Il beamed all over his face. At that time we had an urge to work harder and harder and please him even a little.”

Kim Jong Il was so concerned to provide better clothes to the people. He called at the mill in scorching heat of midsummer and at the last time of his life as well. Each time he highly appreciated what had been done by workers and had a picture taken with the innovators. He also heard simple songs of workers and earnestly called for building a good hostel in the mill.

Whenever they enter the mill every day, the employees eagerly long for him who showed all his love to them. The ardent yearning for him enabled them to make innovations.

Among the innovators are a weaver heroine who weaved 42,710 metre-long cloth in a year, a Merited Weaver who has walked more than 400,000 kilometres to look round her looms over the past 20-odd years, which is equivalent to 10 rounds of the earth, and a girl weaver who is carrying out her daily assignment more than three times this year.

The officials and employees of the Pyongyang Kim Jong Suk Textile Mill sing songs of yearning for Kim Jong Il in the significant February.

Through songs, they represent their wish to show him their workplace fully equipped with modern spinning and weaving machines and inform him of the newly-built hostel which visitors envy, calling it “workers’ hotel”, and of the innovations they are making in the production of cloths for school uniforms and bags.

As the people’s longing for Kim Jong Il is endless, so the songs of their yearning for him will be sung forever.

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