Patriotic People

‘Big Daddy’ Dedicates Himself To Community


Ri Yong Thaek, an old man living in Taedonggang District, Pyongyang, is earning high respect from residents as “Our Big Daddy”.

“No one will speak ill of him, even though he spends his remaining days in comfort. Nevertheless, he does many good things for the village by himself,” said Ri Myong Hui, head of a neighbourhood unit.

The 76-year-old thought deeply after he was discharged from military service as an honourably disabled officer some 20 years ago.

He wanted to do something good for the grateful people and socialist system that had bestowed special favour on him.

Therefore, he took an active part in the work for sprucing up the village.

Sometimes, he prepared lots of materials with his children and worked hard for the community while displaying plastering skills he had acquired during his military service.

He also planted and tended hundreds of trees around the village and parks and distributed apricots he had picked to children and aged people in his village, nurseries and kindergartens.

“Once, I asked my father why he should do hard work despite advanced age. At that time, he answered that he wanted to contribute something to the country as much as he could, though he was old,” his daughter Ri Jong Ok recalled.

He gave positive helping hand to the construction of volleyball court, park and playgrounds in Munsu-dong No. 1, to say nothing of the work of his neighbourhood unit. He donated his pension and personal expenses for the undertakings for the village and neighbours.

Warm and amicable feelings pervade in the village as he devotes his all to the good of the people.


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