Short Distance and Long Distance


As they did in the past, the Korean people are solving all problems arising in socialist construction by themselves, regarding self-reliance as the treasured sword of prosperity.

When he saw the officials and workers realize the ideal and ambition of building a powerful country while solving all problems in their own way, depending on their own strength and materials, the respected supreme leader Kim Jong Un valued and highly appreciated it.

One day in August Juche 105 (2016) Kim Jong Un looked round acrylic paints production processes newly built at a complex.

He was greatly pleased with the wonderful acrylic paints production processes, and said: “The production processes have been built in our own way and all the facilities designed and manufactured by ourselves. It is really great. I am pleased to see the mass production of different colours of exterior and interior-coating materials and TerraCotem, an ameliorant, and moisturizer.

It is another proud success made in the field of chemical industry that we have built the acrylic paints production processes with our technology, materials and equipment and are operating them. This alone eloquently proves that there cannot be any fortress not to be occupied when we advance under the banner of the self-development-first principle.”

Kim Jong Un also indicated specific tasks and ways to put the production of chemical goods on a highly Juche-oriented basis, and said: “Today I’ve seen really good thing. I am very happy not only because I’ve seen the production of acrylic paints of Korean style but because I’ve keenly felt that when we are determined to do, we can put the chemical industry on a highly Juche-oriented and modern footing with our strength, technology and materials.

When we rely on our own strength, even a long distance seems short and when we depend on others, even a short distance seems long. When we display the spirit of self-reliance, we can make the greatest achievements even in worst conditions and our revolution can vigorously advance.”

Today the Korean people are solving all problems arising in socialist construction by dint of self-reliance with the firm faith that they have to rely on their strength.

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