Passionate Pursuit for Breeding New Varieties of Vegetables


The great leader Kim Jong Il continued field guidance for the happiness of the Korean people throughout his life, finding his pleasure in painstaking efforts for them. The Pyongyang Vegetable Science Institute under the Academy of Agricultural Science is also warmly associated with his devotion.

One day in March Juche 100 (2011), Kim Jong Il visited the institute and instructed on continuously pushing ahead with scientific researches for enhancing the productivity and nutritive value of different kinds of vegetables. True to his instructions, the scientists of the institute have made a lot of successes in the work to breed and rapidly propagate many new varieties of vegetables.


The Pyongyang Vegetable Science Institute under the Academy of Agricultural Science is a vegetable research and production centre with many greenhouses, a large area of research plots and advanced bionic research facilities.

In recent years alone, the institute has achieved a number of successes in the scientific researches and production of different varieties of vegetables.


More than 30 varieties of tasty greenhouse vegetables with high nutritive value and productivity including cabbage, greenhouse hot pepper and carrot have been bred, registered as state varieties and introduced across the country. A technology has been developed and introduced to produce pollution-free vegetables while saving agrochemicals and manpower at hydroponic greenhouses and different programs developed to put the distribution of vegetables at plastic sheet-covered greenhouses on a scientific and intensive level.

This year the scientists and technicians of the institute are working hard to breed a larger quantity of new varieties of vegetables with high productivity and nutritive value.

They are making extensive and profound researches to breed and propagate new tasty and nutritious greenhouse vegetable seeds of high-yield and choice varieties in a bionic way, breed and introduce larger quantities of functional vegetables, acclimatize world-famous varieties of vegetables and actively introduce advanced technologies, while making already-made scientific research findings prove effective in reality.

Section Chief Kim Kwang Chol says: “The people’s demand for tasty and nutritious vegetables is increasing with the improvement of their diet. Therefore, we, scientists and technicians, have more things to do than what we have already done, I think. It is the unanimous will of the scientists and technicians of our institute to make an active contribution to the improvement of the people’s living by breeding choice varieties of vegetables and completing advanced vegetable growing technology.”

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