Legends Tell More About Mt Kumgang


Located in the middle part of the east coast of Korea, Mt Kumgang blessed with beautiful scenery is associated with many legends. Below are some of them:

Leading happy married life through

Once upon a time, there was an ill-matched couple in a cosy little village where over ten farming families resided at the sunny foot of a hill behind Chongsokjong. The couple would find fault with each other and go on with their quarrels. They failed to make peace with each other and finally decided to divorce.

They separately packed up and left their house to mount the hill of Chongsokjong. At that moment, a sound as loud as the cracking of an ice block was made and an angry voice calling “Stop!” was heard all of a sudden. When they turned back with a surprised look, they could see two rocks standing in anger.

Each rock standing opposite to the wife and her husband asked them respectively, “What about living with me from now on, given that you are on bad terms with each other?”

They promised to tie the knot before returning to a thatched house.

That night the two couples started to live together. When they woke up in the morning, their spouses were former husband and wife. It is said that the couple who had been at odds lived happily thereafter, sharing sorrow or joy with each other, and the two rocks have been called Pubu (couple) Rocks.

Spring brings back youth to old couple

There is a small spring in a place not far from Ansim Rock in Mt Kumgang.
Long ago, a young man and woman called Soebawi and Ok Bun got married and lived in a valley. Time passed and they turned 70 years of age.

They were bent and their legs were so weak that they walked with the help of sticks.

One day, Soebawi went to Manmulsang valley with a stick to gather medicinal herbs. When he collected a great deal of herbs, he felt thirsty. He wandered from place to place to find water and finally discovered a small spring. He was so delighted that he drank water as much as possible and fell asleep, unconsciously got drunk.

When he got up after a while, he had a straight back and felt invigorated as if he became a general. Therefore, he forgot to carry his stick and returned home carrying only herbs.

His wife was surprised to see her husband when she opened the brushwood gate for him at midnight.

She could not believe her own eyes as the man standing in front of her was young instead of her old husband. After being told about his experience, she left home the following day to find the spring.

Her husband went to the spring again as his wife did not return even after sunset.

However, a beautiful young woman was sitting beside the spring, rather than his old wife. When he looked at her carefully, she was his wife who became younger after drinking the spring water.

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