Gifts to Leaders

Gift Plant Psidium Guajava


Dr. Govind Narain Srivastava, an Indian and former Secretary-General of the Asian Regional Institute of the Juche Idea, presented Psidium guajava to Chairman Kim Jong Il in 1985. The plant is now housed in the gift plants exhibition house of the Central Botanical Garden.

Govind was filled with joy and excitement as if he had found an oasis in a desert, while reading the classical work On the Juche Idea written by Kim Jong Il, in which he clarified the philosophical principle of the Juche idea that man is the master of everything and decides everything. He always carried the book with himself to fully understand its essence. Regarding it as a great honour and pride to struggle for the victory of the Juche idea on a global scale, he devoted himself to the work of studying and disseminating the idea. Through his own experience he keenly felt the greatness of the people-centred Juche idea that values man.

During several visits to the DPRK he had chances to meet with Kim Jong Il and receive his precious teachings. In the course of this, he was further attracted by the Chairman’s greatness and ennobling virtues.

Meanwhile, the Chairman always looked after the Indian with warm affection and fellowship.

One July day in 1981, Govind was carried to a hospital in a foreign land due to the worsening state of his health on his way to return home from the DPRK.

Upon receiving the report, Kim Jong Il saw to it that a competent doctor and rare medicines were sent for his treatment and, a few days later, took a step to make his son attend to him, reading his mind of missing his son in India.

Kim Jong Il also made sure that a party was arranged in honour of his birthday during the period of the world conference of journalists for anti-imperialist, friendship and peace held in Pyongyang in July 1983.

After returning home, Govind discussed with family members preparing a gift to Kim Jong Il in order to live up to his affection. They decided to present Psidium guajava, a famous tropical fruit tree.

He made his way to a fruit tree nursery far away from New Delhi to pick out ten saplings and presented them to Kim Jong Il.

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