Fashionable Clothes Tailored To Satisfy Customers


The Ponghwa garment research and dissemination office is located on Kyonghung Street in Pothonggang District, Pyongyang.

It is well known among locals and foreigners as well as overseas compatriots.

“We’ve researched and diffused new types of garments that meet the likings and aesthetic tastes of people. We mainly offer order service of suits and customers are on the increase year after year,” said Jon Un Sil, chief of the office.

According to cutter So Un Byol, they tailor-make suits manually.

Especially, they put much effort to the development of techniques for processing laborious stout-sized clothes.

In the course of this, they contrived and introduced back collar modifying and woollen pad processing and other methods into tailoring men’s stout-sized jackets.

“What is most difficult in tailoring men’s stout-sized suit is to process the back collar of close-buttoned jacket and if this part is not elaborately processed, the collar gets wrinkled,” said needle worker Choe Un Byol.

The back collar modifying method for processing men’s stout-sized jacket was registered as a national invention last year.

Recently, the tailors made various types of women’s suits.

Among them is a women’s suit with collarless neck executed with the cloth bearing white and black pattern decorations to give freshness and with the white dart around the pocket having symmetry with the white breast dart designed to stretch down to waist to give an additional charm.

Suits with zipper instead of buttons and two-line silk satin decorations in place of collar and others are also popular.

Last year, the office’s garment production process was awarded a quality management system certification.

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