Life of Love for the People

On February 16 every year the Korean people pray for immortality of the great leader Kim Jong Il, significantly celebrating his birthday as the greatest holiday of the nation.

Kim Jong Il devoted himself to prosperity of the country and happiness of the people all his life. A song of boundless reverence and yearning for him is ringing out in all parts of the country.

Seeing a new house or a fine park
General Kim Jong Il asks if the people like
Wherever he goes, whomever he meets,
He always asks first how the people feel

On October 8, Juche 99 (2010) Kim Jong Il dropped in at the new flat of an artiste.

Merited Actress Choe Kum Hyang at the National Theatrical Troupe says: “When he came into my flat, the great Kim Jong Il looked around at the rooms and giving housewarming gifts to my family, proposed having a picture taken with us.

At that time my mother looked a little feeble. As my father died too early, she took the trouble of bringing up her three children and I did not enjoy the love of my father, either.

Looking at my mother, Kim Jong Il said she would have undergone a lot of hardships.

I was surprised to think that he was reading the inmost feelings of the people.

Of course, I know that my mother had undergone hardships. But others perhaps would not know it at all.

Seeing Kim Jong Il nearby, I felt what the paternal love is like.
I told him what I wanted to without ceremony as if I had followed my father to the new flat.”

People were always in the centre of all thinking and activities of Kim Jong Il.

Making revolution is aimed at providing the people with the highest personality and greatest happiness.

It is more important for genuine revolutionaries to work by devoting their conscience for the Party and the people, rather than decoration and honour.
That was a political idea and motto of Kim Jong Il.

O linking all parts of the country
Like the lifeblood
General Kim Jong Il walks on and on
For his field guidance
For his inspection of the front

The roads linked like the lifeblood
Reach to all places
Where there are people and soldiers

Candidate Academician, Professor and Doctor Song Tong Won, Researcher of the Academy of Social Sciences, says: “In mid-January Juche 94 (2005) when the intense cold was in full swing, the great Kim Jong Il warmly said:

It is the time that I value most while working and it is also the lapse of time that I feel most impatient with. If I can extend a second to an hour, I would work more for the country and the people. But it is deplorable that I cannot do so. Let us pool our strength to work harder.”

That is why, on February 16, all the Korean people are deeply moved at the thought that all the miracles and changes and the results of creation and happiness on this land were bartered for the hardships undergone by Kim Jong Il on the road of forced march for patriotism and devotion and they sing the song with ardent yearning for the benevolent father.

The General became the sunshine of Juche
To build a paradise for the people
He became the treasured sword of Songun
To defend the destiny of the people
His feats, as vast as sea, as high as sky
Are all for the people only

The Korean people will tell year after year the revolutionary life and undying revolutionary feats of the great leader Kim Jong Il who devoted his all only to their happiness.

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