Sincere Support to Schools


In the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea all the institutions, industrial establishments and cooperative farms are giving a material and manpower support to schools.

The Waubong Unha Processing Factory is supporting the Waudo Senior Middle School in Waudo District of Nampo City. It regards the support to the school as part of its work.

The officials and employees of the factory are helping the work of the school with sincerity, with the standpoint that education of the rising generations is the work for prosperity of the country and for themselves.

The officials often go to the school to learn in detail about the knotty problems and take measures in time. The employees are also taking an active part in the work to help the school. They provided the school with many educational equipment and teaching tools including computers, and daily necessities for teachers.

Saying all should support the work for the rising generations, they gave an active help to the Nampho Technical College as well.

When the hall of the college was under construction, they sent a lot of cloth needed for curtain of the stage and finishing building materials. Now the students frequently hold scientific seminars and give art performances in the hall.

Rim Hyang Suk, Official of the Waubong Unha Processing Factory, says:
“As a matter of fact, nobody demanded us to support the Nampho Technical College.

However, we supported the college of our own accord.

It was not because we have much reserve in our factory. We only did our best as the education of the rising generations is the work for the country.”

The officials and workers of the Waubong Unha Processing Factory regard the support to schools as their own work and support them of their own accord for the educational development of the country.

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