Ice Rink Adds Pleasure To Winter Leisure Activities


The People’s Open-air Ice Rink with a roof in the shape of a wave on the banks of the Taedong River is a favourite haunt of Pyongyang citizens.

“Winter vacation ended at schools, but the number of visitors never dwindles,” said Ri Kwang Ok, a service office staffer of the ice rink.

The customers wear skates, enter the 1,800-square-metre ice rink and begin to perform stunts to the tune of music.

“Standing on the spacious ice, I feel as if I have taken part in a figure skating competition,” said Song Yun Jong, a student at Pyongyang Kim Won Gyun University of Music.

According to her, she began to learn figure skating at the diffusion centre of the ice rink a year ago as she was so envious of figure skaters making graceful rhythmic movements on the ice.

The pretty and shapely woman performed ice dance movements nicely and freely in time with lyric music pieces, drawing the admiration of the viewers.

Ri Hyon U, a student at central financial accounting school, visits it so frequently that he is called a regular customer. Today he came to the ice rink again with his friends, saying he is full of hope for life and optimism whenever he visits it and gliding on the ice on skate gives him a thrill that he cannot feel in other sports.

All the visitors are full to the brim with great excitement and pleasure: girls wearing figure skates deftly skate on the ice, young people skate in an attractive pattern performing spins, jumps and other stunts and learners skate pleasantly with the help of specially-designed apparatuses.

Among the visitors are also seen middle-aged women who practise skating with the help of instructors and old people who skate in a comfortable position.

“I feel ten years younger to skate at my age at the ice rink overlooking the beautiful scenery of the Taedong river banks with visitors enjoying skating,” said Kim In Son, an old man living in Taedonggang District, Pyongyang.

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