Company Improves Service To Draw Customers

The Tongmun Photographic Technology Company is counted among the most popular photo studios in Pyongyang.

It provides a wide range of service from taking characteristic photos to making frames, printing large photos, repairing and selling cameras and disseminating photographic techniques.

In the rooms whose walls are decorated distinctively to reproduce different backgrounds, clients can have photos taken with various effects produced by dozens of backdrops and props to simulate seasons and traditional and ultramodern surroundings.

Especially, the children’s photographing room can turn into a “playground”, “study room”, “piano practice room” or even the “Masikryong Ski Resort”.

Many people visited the company on Jongwoldaeborum or the First Full Moon Day which fell on Feb 8 this year.

“Of course there are photo studios near my place but I think none of them is as good as this company,” said Kim Jin Hyok from Moranbong District. “I had a very nice photo taken here with my family on lunar New Year’s Day against the backdrop of snow-clad trees. Today is the First Full Moon Day, so I’ve come to have another photo taken against the backdrop of a Korean-style house with a full moon in the night sky.”

“The customers have become stricter and more varied in their orders,” said photographer Kim Song Il.

The company’s thick opinion book is full of compliments on its good service.

“Having visited many photo studios as I prepared for my wedding, I chose this company as I was attracted by the kindness of the service workers,” a bridegroom wrote in the book. “The photos are flawless and I can feel that they tried hard to satisfy the choosy bride. I will cherish the memory of the excellent service here along with my wedding photos.”

“We started as a small photo shop decades ago, and now it has developed into a much-liked photographic technology company,” said director Ko Kum Il, ascribing their success to their devotion to the people and painstaking quest for novel ideas.

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