Title of Generalissimo Conferred on Kim Jong Il


From his early years, the great leader Kim Jong Il strengthened and developed the Korean People’s Army founded by the great leader Kim Il Sung into a matchless revolutionary army and honourably defended the destiny of the socialist country and nation.

Regarding it as his cherished view to master the military affairs in order to make a revolution as long as there remain imperialists in the world, he steadily accumulated knowledge of military affairs in his school days.

While working at the Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea, he devoured a lot of works of Kim Il Sung and other books on military affairs and thus possessed many-sided and profound military views.

He directed efforts to turning the KPA into an army of one-match-for-a-hundred combatants and an invincible army equipped with offensive and defensive means of Korean style to cope with any modern warfare.

When he called at an army unit, Kim Jong Il said that it is most important for the People’s Army to concentrate its main efforts on strengthening training and that as he had already stressed, a soldier good at fighting is a hero in wartime, whereas a soldier good at training is a hero in peacetime.

And he indicated the ways to further intensify the training so as to firmly prepare the soldiers as those capable of carrying out their combat tasks in any circumstances.

Thanks to his tireless efforts, the revolutionary armed forces of Korea were remarkably strengthened.

The title of Generalissimo of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea was awarded to Kim Jong Il on February 14, Juche 101 (2012) according to the unanimous will of the Korean people.

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