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A Celebrated Mountain of Korea


Winter is peak season for Mt Paektu, the most celebrated mountain in Korea, to present a spectacular sight.

The mountain is 2,750 metres above sea level, or the highest in Korea, and is situated in Samjiyon City of Ryanggang Province at the northern tip of the DPRK.

Great Paektu Mountains are the cardinal mountain range that stretches down as far as Kujae Peak on the shore of the South Sea of Korea to link the whole of the Korean territory in a contiguous line.

The Korean nation has long held Mt Paektu sacred as the ancestral mountain, believing the spirit of the resourceful, brave and immaculate nation originated from the mountain.

It is associated with the history of the anti-Japanese armed struggle President Kim Il Sung organized and victoriously led and there is the Paektusan Secret Camp where Chairman Kim Jong Il was born.

The mountain has a singular natural environment.

It has a volcanic zone covering an area of about 5,350 square kilometres that was formed by volcanic eruptions, peaks of more than 2,000 metres above sea level that came into being as the volcano threw out lava of over 1,000 degrees centigrade, precipices with gradients of over 60 degrees and myriad-shaped peaks and rocks surrounding Lake Chon like a folding screen. Among them, Jong Il Peak is a noted peak located in a special position.

The sunrise on Mt Paektu is a fascinating spectacle rare to be found in the world.

The mountain is the coldest area in the country noted for capricious weather. Storms break all of a sudden to bring rain clouds to the placid lakeside, and as dark clouds clear in a flash the sky lightens. Raindrops are replaced with a shower of fist-size hailstones and when the heavy hail stops falling, flowers burst forth in the sunlight, while fluffy snowflakes drift in the air.

Lots of people are now on study tour of Mt Paektu.

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