Passion for Development of Medicines


The Pharmaceutical Institute under the Academy of Medical Science of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea is further intensifying scientific researches to develop highly efficacious medicines conducive to the promotion of the people’s health.

In the past the institute made lots of valuable research findings badly needed for the development of the pharmaceutical industry of the country.

It developed different kinds of eye lotions for ophthalmic treatment and operation and protection of eyes and succeeded in making enteric capsule with cellulose abundant at home, contributing to the improvement of shapes of medicines.

Recently it has developed a painkilling and sedative drug made from natural medicinal materials and insam liquor increasing the immunity of human body.

It was a few years ago that the institute started making researches into the painkilling and sedative drug badly needed in the clinical practice.

It was not easy from the beginning because the researches necessitated new ideas in choosing basic substances and the process of composition needed for the development.

Of course it was very difficult to extract and separate the basic substances from Koryo medicines. Besides, the extraction rate was very low. In order to find out a new method they sometimes made a long journey to call at pharmaceutical producers and at times, stayed up all night making repeated experiments and analyses.

Such painstaking efforts enabled them to succeed in composing the substances having strong physiological effect on human body. After all, they could develop the drug with great sedative and painkilling effect.

Section Chief Ri Ho Il says: “I think it is the responsibility and duty of our medical scientists to develop a greater number of efficacious medicines.”

Now the researchers of the institute are devoting their tireless passion to developing a larger amount of reserve and popular medicines with natural materials rich in the country.

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