Organic Farming A Secret Of High Yield


The Migok Cooperative Farm in Sariwon, North Hwanghae Province, is known as a high-yielding unit in the DPRK.

Last year, too, the farm produced an average of 11.3 tons of rice per hectare, exceeding the peak-year level.

“However barren the land may be, diligence and devotion bring about a good crop,” said Song Yun Hui, chairwoman of the farm management board, as to the key to success.

According to chief engineer Kim Song Ryong, 600-800 kilograms of organic matters in soil are consumed when a hectare of land yields over 10 tons of paddy rice in a year and, therefore, in order to replenish them 20 tons of good quality organic fertilizer should be applied. He said that the farm planned to spread 40 tons of organic fertilizer per hectare to all paddy and non-paddy fields this year and carried out the plan as of mid-February.

To make the organic fertilizer the farmers evenly blended microbial and hukposan fertilizers, humus, sullage and subsoil.

In particular, the farm uses residues from the production of methane and electricity with the gas for making organic fertilizer, which is said to sterilize soil and supplement such nutritive elements as nitrogen, phosphor and potassium.

Ri Kwang Nam, leader of the youth workteam, said his workteam applied more than one ton of organic fertilizer made from methane residues per hectare to every field last year, thereby producing over 13 tons of rice per hectare.

Son Chun Ok produced a record high of over 15 tons per hectare last year by applying 50 tons of organic fertilizer to the field in her charge and has spread 60 tons of the fertilizer this year to exceed last year’s level.

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