Science and Technology

University Holds Sci-Tech Fest On Doubled Scale


The 35th sci-tech festival of Kim Chaek University of Technology was a showcase of its high ambition to become an impellent force in the nation’s economic development.

According to Ri Chol Nam, curator of the university’s education and science exhibition hall, the festival held between Feb 4 and 7 drew more than 230 research findings of practical importance and thus the scale was almost two times larger than the previous one.

The annual event is attracting attention from across the country as the university plays an important role in the development of the country’s economy and science and technology.

Many visitors came from educational and research institutions, industrial establishments and cooperative farms.

The recent event was divided into 11 sections, including mechanical technology, information technology, metal materials, energy, electronics, automation, telecommunications and its management, pedagogy and scientific and technical strategy. Both the jury members and visitors highly rated such technical proposals as the establishment of potassic fertilizer industry by relying on new resources, 3D printing technology, impulse radar prospecting, 5G communications technology, introduction of intelligent production system, digital economic map and hydrogen-nickel excess heat unit.

Among the eye-catchers were the integrated system for estimating face in different postures with a recognition efficiency of more than 99 percent, the constant temperature coefficient heat-sensing chip with a low Curie point made with domestic electronic elements and the ore body prospecting technology based on soil ionic conductivity which reduces the prospecting cost by over 30 percent.

On the sidelines of the festival, in-depth analyses, discussions and experience-sharing activities were conducted on such subjects as strategic targets for developing university education in accordance with the world trend, cutting-edge technologies and long-term research projects.

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