Skiing Experience Leaves Fond Memory

According to Kim Song I, service woman of the ski service centre, the ski resort was built in the most ideal place as it has low percentage of sunshine all the year round.

There are three ski courses at the resort. The first and second courses are for professionals or skilful skiers, with their respective height being 735 and 685 metres and gradients being 26 degrees respectively. Fans can use the third ski slope as it is 345 metres high and has a gradient of 13 degrees.

The section, where the three slopes meet, has a gradient of six degrees and is 160 metres wide, so beginners practise skiing skills there.

Some of them fall down by treading on their ski boards by mistake or bump against protective walls as they slide down the slopes.

Therefore, the resort offers ski education service to beginners.

“Even beginners want to skilfully slide down the course as early as possible, but they need some time to fulfil their desire and there is no fixed rule about the period,” said ski instructor Ri Kum Byol.

Jang In Chol, mining workteam leader of pit No. 9 of the February 8 Jiktong Youth Coal Mine, said that he shouted for joy after sliding down ski slope No. 3 in an hour, though he was a beginner.

Courage is required before knack or skill in skiing, the instructor added.

“The emotion when I looked up and down the ski course was quite different,” said Ro Myong Ho, worker of the Sunchon Thermal Power Station.

He said that he fell down during sliding, though he tried after hesitating for 15 minutes on top of the third course.

In comparison with him, some women and children courageously slide down the third slope without the help of ski sticks.

An eye-catcher at the resort is the sledge ground.

The holidaymakers slide down the course while whirling on float-shaped sledges.

“It puts me in a pretty sweat as every slider asks me to take their photographs,” said Kim Yong Sim, photographer of the centre.

Ski lift and snowmobile services are also available.

Holidaymakers can have soft drinks and simple meal at resting places.

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