Tourists Take Unique Delight In Spa Baths

The strongest appeal of the Yangdok Hot Spring Resort is the famous spa bath.

It is not a simple spa bath, but the one boosting the curative efficacy of Sokthang Hot Spring with the help of medicinal materials.

At every bath tank the water temperature is displayed in real time and there is a signboard telling about treatment efficiency and indications at the relevant spa bath and, therefore, customers can easily find their appropriate tank without guide.

A particular favourite at the indoor spa bath is bathing with fishes that make bathers’ skin clean.

As the “kind” fishes tickle bathers at their hands, feet and other parts of the body, even blunt persons cannot but laugh.

According to attendant Kim Pok Gum, old and middle-aged customers always linger at the spa bath clinic on the first floor of the indoor spa bath.

She added that the bubble bath in the clinic is especially good for the heart and the treatment of hypertension and nervous system disorders, while the bath at various temperatures is effective for physical training and for curing diabetes, frigidity and impotence.

Feeling young once again as he hummed a tune in a spa bath, an old man called Kim In Man made a joke to his wife, saying, “Darling, don’t you want to go to the Pyongyang Maternity Hospital for another child?” eliciting laughter from all bathers there.

The outdoor spa bath, which consists of over 30 baths such as spa baths for couples and families and terraced and detached baths, produces special sentiment about a pine hill shrouded in mist, making people relish warm bath in winter.

Moreover, the eggs boiled in hot spring water with a temperature of 70-80oC can be said to be a speciality of the resort. The egg-boiling house is in the shape of an egg.

“Half-boiled egg that fully absorbed medicinal elements of hot spring is a bit salty and very savoury. Even excellent cooks will be unable to boil egg so tastily,” said Kim Kwang Sok, senior engineer of the water supply and sewage management station in Moran District, Pyongyang.

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