Science and Technology

Mindulle Gives Priority To Quality Control


The Mindulle Notebook Factory is paying close attention to raising the quality of its goods in February, the month of taking measures for improving the quality of products.

“We are trying hard to provide children and students with more quality notebooks,” said chief engineer Choe Chol Min. “In this month we are giving priority to enhancing the quality of notebooks a level higher.”

According to him, a team activity for improving the quality and increasing the quantity of products is conducted at the factory involving all the staff from the manager to assistant machine operators.

Most recently, they developed and introduced a wire direction-changing device for spiral wire moulding machine to remove a production process, and mechanized the production of the handicraft toolbox which was made manually previously, thereby increasing productivity by five times while saving labour and time.

The factory also introduced overlaying and substandard paper detecting devices into the paper feeder of the screen printing process, thus making it possible to run the process with six workers instead of the previous eight, thereby using all the paper sheets without waste and halving the production cost. In recent years, they came up with over 30 contrivances and technical innovation plans every year and improved product quality while saving a great deal of labour and materials.

And it has quarterly organized a prize contest on notebook cover design and applied prize-winning ones to production. Consequently, it now turns out nearly 50 kinds of notebooks as compared to six at the time of its inauguration in 2016.

In particular, it designed and made a flexography-wire bookbinding line with an annual production capacity of 50 million notebooks to develop the capacity of turning out 150 million, and upgraded a semi-automatic bookbinding machine into a fully automatic one.

“We will turn out much more notebooks with better quality by giving precedence to quality over quantity and making all the employees work in a responsible manner to maximize the quality of products,” said manager Pak Pyong Ho.

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