Greetings To A Worker Poetess

My friends at the factory tell me with smile
I am a girl on a steed
As I am not satisfied with overfulfilling a day’s assignment,
They praise my working manner as lightning
Ra, they call me a girl on a steed
… … …

The song “The Girl on a Steed” was widely known to the Korean people.

People like to sing the song, which was written by a woman worker of the Sinuiju Cosmetics Factory producing the “Pomhyanggi”-trademarked cosmetics.
Here is a story woven with the song.


The respected supreme leader Kim Jong Un, who always finds himself on the road of field guidance for the people, visited the factory in July Juche 107 (2018).

Looking round different production processes of the factory, he familiarized himself with the production of cosmetics and highly praised the factory for having done a lot of work.

When he dropped in at a workshop, Kim Jong Un found a woman worker who had been working at the factory for a long time. She was a worker poetess, a writer on the job.

The manager went closer to him and whispered that she is a worker poetess of the factory who wrote the words of the song “The Girl on a Steed” before quietly singing a few bars of the song without reserve.

Kim Jong Un was also familiar with the song “The Girl on a Steed”.

He beamed all over his face as he was very pleased to learn that the ordinary woman worker of the factory had written the words of the song loved by girls as a masterpiece of the times and favoured by the people across the country.

He said he was told that the woman worker of the cosmetics workshop is a worker poetess who wrote the words of the song “The Girl on a Steed” and highly appreciated that it is worthy of pride to have such a talent before expressing his thanks to her.

The moment, the accompanying officials were wrapped in a solemn feeling at the unceremonious and modest Kim Jong Un expressing his sincere courtesy to the ordinary worker poetess.

The woman worker was more embarrassed and did not know what to do.
The greetings to the worker poetess was the greeting showing the noble disposition of Kim Jong Un who regards the people as the God; it was the greeting with deep meaning made by him in congratulation of her, valuing her success in creation.

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