Resort Has Much To Offer Visitors


It is nearly a month since it started service on Jan 10 and the number of holidaymakers visiting the resort has already reached tens of thousands.

“It was an out-of-the-way mountainous area a year ago, but now it is seething with people from all parts of the country. All of them envy us living here,” proudly said Ri Song Guk, an old native of Yandok.

The resort in Onjong-ri, Yangdok County of South Phyongan Province in the middle of the DPRK, was inaugurated in December last year as a comprehensive spa treatment service base and a multifunctional sports, cultural and recreational complex which combines hot spring bath with various sporting activities.

The Pyongyang-Onjong tourist railway line and tourist buses run for holidaymakers.

An old history book Tonggukyojisungnam published in 1481 says that Yangdok hot spring wells up from the openings between rocks and so it has been called “tolthang” or “sokthang” since olden times.

The main ingredients of Sokthang hot spring are simple silica, sulphur and fluorine (sodium bicarbonate). It is said to be very effective for the treatment of chronic gastritis, poisoning, osteoporosis, skin diseases, arthritis, neuralgia and neuritis and especially good for skincare of women.

It has a daily natural yield of 1,300 cubic metres, with the water temperature being 84.5 degrees centigrade and its pH 8.6.

Sprawling in an area of over 1.66 million square metres, the resort is divided into sections of hotels, medical treatment and care, indoor and outdoor spa baths, ski slope, horse riding park and dwelling houses and for walk as well. All buildings boast their modern beauty while blending in so well with the geographical features of the mountainous area and natural environment covered with pine forests.

Suites and rooms in various classes including those for persons with disabilities, recreation centres and spa bathrooms at hotels and inns provide visitors with full convenience to meet their demands.

And the panel lodging houses with several rooms are so designed to make the holidaymakers cook by themselves feeling family atmosphere.

The four-storey service complex is fully equipped with all facilities for medical treatment, rest and amusement including rooms for all kinds of medical treatment, hot spring bathrooms, physical fitness rooms, massage rooms and indoor golf course and shops and restaurants sell souvenirs, Korean national foods and world-famous cuisines.

Various decorative models and other details brimming with national flavour in the lounge and embroideries, Korean paintings, oil paintings, sculptures and craftworks decorating the corridors and other spaces in the service complex add to the fascinating and weighty characters of the building.

The resort also has a building for medical treatment with some 200 sickrooms, in which those who come here for medical treatment can receive non-drug treatment of various forms ranging from diagnosis to spa treatment, massaging, inhalation and exercises free of charge under the socialist public health system of the country.

The mysterious pharmacological actions of Sokthang hot spring, a renowned natural monument in Korea, and the effects of various exercises, skiing over the slope and stroll in the fresh air of the deep and quiet mountainous area will no doubt give holidaymakers lasting happy memories.

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