Foreign Affairs

Human Rights Are National Sovereignty


Today, the international community witnesses such fact that interference in the internal affairs of sovereign states and invasions against them perpetrated under the signboard of “protecting human rights” are being justified in the international arena—this is a mockery of and infringement on human rights and can never be justified.

Human rights are the independent rights of a human being. They are realized and guaranteed by the sovereignty of each country and nation, not by interference or instruction of other countries.

It is a serious lesson taught by history and the present reality that, if a country lost its sovereignty, its people would be denied even the elementary right to existence, to say nothing of political freedom, and fall victims to severe oppression of human rights.

The Korean people were forced to live a miserable life of colonial slaves as they were deprived of their sovereignty by the Japanese imperialists in the past. During their military occupation of Korea from 1905 to 1945, the Japanese imperialists killed over one million Koreans, forcibly drafted 8.4 million people and forced more than 200,000 women to serve as sexual slaves. But, the Koreans had nowhere to make a complaint about their sufferings and grudge.

If a country or a nation loses its sovereignty, its people will also be deprived of their human rights. It is well proved by such cases as antagonism and conflicts, a vicious cycle of terror and vengeance, starvation and poverty and endless streams of refugees that are witnessed in some countries in the Middle East in recent years.

Sovereignty is the life of a country and a nation and the absolute right that can never be deprived of. Sovereignty can guarantee human rights. History and the present reality show that people after losing their sovereignty can never be provided with genuine human rights.

The DPRK is a country which guarantees genuine human rights for its people. It provides excellent conditions and environment to meet the demands of the working people who want to continually improve themselves, both mentally and physically, so that they enjoy a happy life to their heart’s content.

The State keeps administering such policies as distribution of dwelling houses to the people free of charge and free medical care and education. So, it is quite natural for the Korean people to say that their life is precisely the process of enjoying the rights of a human being.

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