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Finding Niches In Sci-Tech Information Service


It has been nearly 20 years since the establishment of the Kwangmyong homepage and it is winning growing popularity as the days go by.

It is run by the Kwangmyong IT Institute under the Central Information Agency for Science and Technology which is located in Sosong District of Pyongyang.

According to director Jin Kyong Chol of the institute, the homepage has hundreds of millions of sci-tech data in various fields including basic and applied sciences, bio-engineering and medical science in different languages.

Among them, netizens’ is favourite information up-to-date domestic and foreign sci-tech data which are promptly analysed and posted on the homepage.

The data about economic situations, tendency and development at home and abroad, sci-tech data in this field, and news about basic core technologies and advanced science are systematized in a plain and comprehensive way along with the practical matters arising in their introduction.

“When we face knotty problems in reenergizing business or production, we visit the Kwangmyong homepage first,” said Kim Yong Chol, deputy general manager of the Namhung Youth Chemical Complex.

Recently, the institute developed and applied Task Field 1.0, a sci-tech data order service system, to the homepage.

“The sci-tech information service form, which had been available so far, was to make customers retrieve necessary information from the database. However, its users something failed to collect necessary data for different reasons,” said section chief Ko Nam Su.

The Task Field 1.0 satisfies the needs of customers through consultation between consumers and these who possess relevant information. Now many netizens make good use of this field, Ko added.

“Our institute compile various e-publications, and dictionaries are most popular among them,” said Yu Min Chol, section chief of the institute.

Large sci-tech dictionary Kwangmyong 3.0 is winning favour with scientists and technicians as it contains explanations of major technical terms, multimedia presentations, data on nature and geography, panoramic view of habitats of animals and plants, common scientific knowledge, scientific chronological table, world-famous scientists and anecdotes about them.

“Now we are pushing at the final stage the compilation of Kwangmyong 4.0, which contains 110 000 more terms and richer content than the previous version,” said researcher Kong Il Yong.

Other standouts are Piyak 4.0, a large Korean-English-Chinese dictionary of scientific and technical terms, E-encyclopaedia for Household dealing with the commonsense in family life, divided into 22 thematic parts, Multilingual Picture Dictionary, design browser Charm of Architectural Decoration, and Friend of Field Officials which is helpful in calculating necessary materials and manpower at production and construction sites.

The institute has been chosen as the best IT enterprise four times since 2016 and its various products were registered as the best IT products. It is a unit with software development quality certification.

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