Unbangul Accordions Find Favour With Customers


“Thanks to the quick mechanism of wind compartment, the players of ‘Unbangul’-brand accordions can properly represent music as they wish. They are featured by soft tone quality and beautiful sound as a whole,” said Ri Nam Sin, instructor of Pyongyang Music School No. 2 of Pyongyang Kim Won Gyun University of Music.

The accordion is produced at the Pyongyang Musical Instrument Factory in Mangyongdae District, Pyongyang.

Established in October 1953 in a total area of 15,300 square metres, the factory consists of over ten workshops, designing office, technical arrangement office and others.

“Generally, accordion has a very complex structure, and it consists of more than 8 000 accessories made through over 12,000 processes,” said Ri Chang Ho, manager of the factory.

Therefore, ensuring of accuracy arises as a very important matter in making accordions.


According to Yun Thae Gun, chief engineer of the factory, the musical instrument producer attaches particular importance to the role of skilled workers with rich experience and high technique to improve the accuracy of products.

The factory also produces bayan and harmonica.

“We have manufactured bayan with our own efforts and technology, without relying on technical collaboration with other countries, and it is drawing great interest and popularity among consumers,” said workshop manager Pak Yong Il.

The factory’s ‘Unbangul’ accordion and bayan won the top prizes at the 10th Pyongyang Exhibition of Musical Instruments last year and becme special favourites at the 2019 international exhibition of musical instruments held in Guangzhou and Shanghai, China, and thousands of them found their way to various foreign markets last year, including Russia, China and Italy.

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