Standard of Demand to Be Met


The Yonphung Scientists Holiday Camp is for the scientists and technicians in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

The respected supreme leader Kim Jong Un treasuring the scientists and technicians proposed building the holiday camp and selected its site in person.


And he paid a deep concern to the issues arising in the construction of the holiday camp such as its design, supply of materials and formation of building force.

Under his meticulous guidance, the holiday camp could be built wonderfully in a short span of time.


In October Juche 103 (2014), Kim Jong Un visited the completed holiday camp. Looking round all the service facilities, he beamed all over his face, saying he is not sure whether the holiday camp would meet the demand of the scientists.

Then he went round different places of the holiday camp including the multipurpose outdoor playground and the building for holidayers.

Only then, as if he feels relieved, he said with pleasure that it may be enough to be accepted by the scientists.

Researcher Jang Hyang Il at the Bioengineering Branch of the State Academy of Sciences says: “The respected supreme leader Kim Jong Un who took measures to build a holiday camp for scientists said he wonders if the scientists like it and it will be passed when the scientists like it. Never can be found such a leader who is so concerned about our scientists and shows the greatest love for them.”

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