Song Info: “Cheers of the People”


The song “Cheers of the People” was created in Juche 103 (2014) with poem by Cha Ho Gun and music by People’s Artist An Jong Ho.

It sings of the great pride of the Korean people led by the respected supreme leader Kim Jong Un.

Teacher Paek Kwang Myong at Kim Il Sung University says: “The first and second stanzas of the song emphasize the great bosom which gives hope and joy of life to the people.

The line ‘At the mere mention of his name joy ripples in our hearts’ represents the greatest happiness that can be felt only by the Korean people under the leadership of the prominent great man.

The powerful poetic expression ‘Going to future shining under the bright sun, let us rend the air with cheers for victory’ in the third stanza reflects the unanimous aspiration and will of the Korean people to trust and follow only the respected supreme leader Kim Jong Un.

The refrain of the song has poetic expressions ‘We envy nothing as Marshal Kim Jong Un leads us’ and ‘We fear nobody as we follow Marshal Kim Jong Un‘, which show well the unchangeable creed of life kept by the Korean people as faith.”

The thematic and ideological content of the song is further emphasized by its bright and vibrant melody.

Today the Korean people widely sing the song “Cheers of the people”.

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