Trolley Buses of 70s Still Operative, Inspirational


It is not uncommon to see some 20th-century trolley buses in the streets of Pyongyang, though they are distinguishable from modern-day ones in terms of colour and shape.

They are Chollima-70 trolley buses, the first of its kind produced in the DPRK in the 1970s.

The sides of them are dotted with red stars with the letters “fifty thousand”, which indicates the distance they ran without accident in kilometre.

“We are very proud of the stars,” said Kim Myong Gil, a driver who runs the West Pyongyang-Pyongyang Railway Station course. “In actuality, the total distances of their accident-free run are enough to cover their whole surfaces with red stars.”

Myong Gil’s trolley bus with the license plate number “819” was personally visited by President Kim Il Sung on April 8 1972 as he paid much attention to solving the traffic problem of the capital city.

Though it has been running for decades, the trolley bus still preserves its original looks and capacity.

The glittering paint, neat fittings, glossy handle among others reflect the driver’s affection and devotion to his vehicle.

“I feel relieved every time I get on the trolley bus, which I took to and from work for over 30 years. It also reminds me of my childhood when I would visit my father’s workplace which was bubbling with the Chollima movement. Such a memory makes me harden the resolve to be faithful to my work as those of my father’s generation was,” said An Son Yong living in Tonghung-dong, Central District, Pyongyang.

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