Rimyongsu Waterfalls


The Rimyongsu Waterfalls are found in the area of Mt. Paektu in northern Korea. They are on the shore of the Rimyong Stream, a tributary of the Amnok River.

They have nine main water courses and numerous cascades between them. The main water courses dash on the rock edges, throwing up spray and pearl-like waterdrops and they meet again to form water courses.


The Rimyongsu Waterfalls which seem to be a miniature of different shapes of falls are in good harmony with the dark rocks between the water courses, crystal-clear lake under the waterfalls and surrounding woods, presenting a unique view according to seasons.


In winter the waterfalls are frozen, but some water courses are not and water flows between the icicles. Especially, the fog which is formed when the water from underground meets with cold air frosts over the surrounding trees, turning the area into woods of frostwork.

The Rimyongsu Waterfalls, mysterious underground ones rare to be seen, are of scenic significance and have been designated as a natural monument.

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