Culinary Culture of Korea

Nutritious Bread In High Demand


“Demand for bread, especially for its quality, is growing more than ever before. Therefore, we are now concentrating on developing better, nutritious bread,” said Kim Myong Ae, manager of the Rungna Foodstuff Factory.

Located in Pyongyang’s Rangnang District, the factory has been well known among citizens for its Rungna-brand breads.

Its major products are sponge cake, pie, yeast bread and steamed bun.

Sponge cake is the most favourite with customers.

According to Wi Jong Son in charge of technical preparation, the country has a long history of production of sponge cake and the factory positively works to preserve its unique taste by combining traditional methods and new techniques.

What is important in its production is to make the cake evenly porous so that it looks like smooth sponge and melts easily in the mouth without sticking, she said, adding the factory’s Rungna sponge cake fulfils the requirements.

At present, the factory works to improve the flavour of Rungna breads by combining various nutritive substances including different kinds of fruits like nuts, sesame seed and chocolate. Among such ingredients is almond. It is said that one gram of almond is equal to 50 grams of beef in nutritive value.

Rungna breads with high calorie contents win great popularity among people for the pleasant harmony of colours and the delightful blend of sapid and fragrant flavour with the tastes peculiar to raw materials.

Last year, dozens of its new breads were registered as excellent products of the country, including fruit roll cake, cocoa cake, banana pie, sesame chocolate pie and peanut muffin.

“People’s tastes vary and change. In the past many people favoured sponge cake and pie, but at present more and more people prefer the soft butter muffin and chewy steamed bun,” said Wi Un Sim, saleswoman at the shop of the factory.

The factory is highly responsive to changes in demand and arranges production in such direction.

It recently came up with a rye bread which is growing popular as the days go by.

According to the manager, this sugar-free bread is chewy and palatable and especially good for elderly persons and diabetics.

The products of the factory are on sale at different shops in Pyongyang including Pyongyang Department Store No. 1 and the Kwangbok Area Supermarket.

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