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Water Beauties of Mt Paektu


Lake Chon is one of the scenic spots with unusual geographical features in the Mt Paektu area.

It came into being as water filled the caldera formed in the wake of the millennial eruption.

With its surface rising 2 190.15m above sea level, the depression lake has an area of 9.16km2, a circumference of 14.4km, a maximum depth of 384m, an average depth of 213.3m and a water volume of 1,955,000,000m3.


The lake water is visible to a depth of 16m to the naked eye and is frozen for seven months in a year.

On the shore of the lake, there is a sandy beach and the Paektu hot spring which was formed by hot volcanic gas and has temperatures of 73℃ at the maximum and 53℃ on average.


Mt Paektu is also renowned for waterfalls.

Most of the waterfalls were created when lava flowed through the valleys and over the cliffs during several eruptions of Paektu volcano. Among them is Rimyongsu Falls which never dry or freeze in all seasons.

An unusual cascade from an underground stream, it has nine main falls with lots of tiny falls in between them. It unfolds an amazing sight resembling a lace of jewels.

It was inscribed as a natural monument in 1980.

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