Jong Son and His Pictures

Jong Son is a realistic landscape painter representing the late 17th century and the 18th century in Korea.

He was not only good at drawing, but also well-versed in drawing theory and trained a number of excellent painters.

He created his unique painting style in the field of landscape.

He drew beautiful nature changing according to seasons such as ordinary mountains and lakes and woods of maple trees in autumn which could be found everywhere including the beauty spots, a pride of Korea.


The picture “Kuryong Falls” shows his painting style well through powerful and tactful brushwork and composition of wide space. Seen in the middle of the picture is the falls in contrast with pine trees giving a sense of stability. It shows well the descriptive skill of the artist.


The picture “Broad and Flat Rock” is a typical example of those drawn mainly with horizontal lines.


Jong Son also drew many pictures showing the beautiful nature while dealing with rich theme of life in reality. They include “Spring Rain” and “An Old Man Playing the Kayagum”.

As said above, Jong Son drew beautiful nature of the country truthfully and vividly with rich formative depiction and thus greatly enriched the realistic expression of Korean painting.

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