Various Types of Pianos Turned Out


The Pyongyang Piano Joint Venture Company in Mangyongdae District, Pyongyang, produces various types of high- and medium-class pianos.

“Making pianos in the way of completing one by one by giving finishing manual touches to them­–this is the soul of our Pyongyang piano,” said Paek Yong Won, director of the company.

According to him, the company-made pianos are very popular with musicians and other users for their clear sound and rich volume, soft hand touch and stable pitch.

After hearing the rendition of a piano made by the company in the performance “The night of culture in celebration of the Day of the Sun” held in Vienna in 2006, an Austrian musician said that the DPRK’s 136-type upright piano has good sound quality on a par with that of grand piano and this is another success of the DPRK’s piano industry.

Among over 30,000 pianos with PACO and other trademarks made by the company, 14,000-odd pianos were sold to over 20 countries over the world.

“Our company uses such quality woods as spruce, linden and oak growing in the northern alpine area over 1,000 metres above sea level and is working to improve the quality of products by making effective use of world-recognized materials,” said Jong Chol Hwa, chief of the technical section.

He said that the company is staffed with proficient technical forces capable of designing and making pianos according to order.

Pyongyang pianos have maintained high quality, which is attributable to the producers’ rich experience and high techniques.

The company upgraded its production processes by introducing over 250 inventions and original ideas, and now it turns out over 100 varieties of products in six kinds.

The company’s pianos won diplomas at the 10th Pyongyang musical instrument exhibition last year.

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