Children of Korea

Triplets Discharged From Hospital

The first triplets of the year have been discharged from Pyongyang Maternity Hospital.

Kim Yong Hwa in neighborhood unit No. 76 of Undok-dong, Taean District of Nampho City is the mother of triplets (3 daughters) and Kim Man Yong works at the fishing sector, their father.

Upon receiving the news that the triplets were born at Taean District People’s Hospital on October 25, 2019, Pyongyang Maternity Hospital immediately organized a medical team and an emergency transport to take them and their mother to the hospital and had dozens of consultative meetings and showed all sincerity for their good health.

The triplets weighed no more than 1.56kg, 1.84kg and 1.79kg at birth, but 4.08kg, 4.48kg and 4.72kg with the passage of 101 days since their birth.

The triplets in good health who received benevolent gifts such as gold rings and silver knives and their parents were seen off by doctors and nurses of the hospital on Monday.


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