To Defend and Carry Forward the Revolutionary Traditions


The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea is constantly intensifying the work to implant the precious spirit of the forerunners in the minds of the new generations.

The more undisguised the political, military and economic plots of the hostile forces to completely suffocate and stifle socialist Korea become, the greater efforts the Workers’ Party of Korea is directing to strengthening the ideological education whose core is to defend and carry forward the revolutionary traditions.

Hong Chol Min, Section Chief of the Academy of Social Sciences, says: “Looking round the Madusan Revolutionary Battle Site in January 2014, the respected Marshal Kim Jong Un said the revolutionary traditions created by the great leader Kim Il Sung during the protracted anti-Japanese revolutionary struggle are the root of the Party and revolution, and continued: As our Party has constantly conducted the education in revolutionary traditions, our people could resolutely overcome all the trials and go firmly along the road of revolution.

As the generation of revolution changes, it is necessary to further intensify the edification in revolutionary traditions. It is a firm will and resolve of our Party to defend, carry forward and develop the revolutionary traditions forever and accomplish the Korean revolution.”

Nowadays, the strong wind of making a study tour of the revolutionary battle sites in Mt. Paektu is raised in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

Through the study tour of the revolutionary battle sites in Mt. Paektu, the new generations of Korea are making a firm resolve to build a powerful socialist country despite any hardships and trials, following the indomitable fighting spirit of the anti-Japanese revolutionary forerunners.

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