Songun Politics Enforced by Great Brilliant Commander


In the 90s of the last century, socialism was collapsed in some east European countries including the former Soviet Union and great changes were made in the world political structure and the balance of forces.

Availing themselves of this opportunity, the imperialist reactionaries focused their attack on socialist Korea invariably holding fast to the banner of independence, the banner of socialism

As a result, the anti-imperialist military front became a main front of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, which was decisive of the fate of the country, the nation and socialism.

At that time the great leader Kim Jong Il deeply saw through the international surroundings and the trend of the situation and enforced the original Songun or military-first politics in an all-round way.



Songun politics is a mode of revolutionary leadership and a political mode of socialism that regard the military affairs as the most important of state affairs and, relying on the revolutionary disposition and militancy of the People’s Army, defend the country, the revolution and socialism and forcefully accelerate the socialist construction as a whole.

In February Juche 88 (1999) Kim Jong Il declared that the Songun politics is his main political mode and it is an almighty treasured sword to lead the Korean revolution to victory.

He developed in depth the theory on the Songun politics with his outstanding ideological and theoretical activities.


Doctor and Associate Professor O Hyok Chol, Section Chief of the Academy of Social Sciences, says: “On January 3, 2001 the great Kim Jong Il explained about the basis and origin of the Songun politics.

He said the exploits performed under the Songun-based revolutionary leadership of the great leader Kim Il Sung and its experience are the basis of the Songun politics we are enforcing today.

We carried forward the Songun idea of Kim Il Sung to develop it in depth into a political mode according to the present actual conditions. That is the Songun politics. Herein lies the reason why the Songun politics is a revolutionary political mode to accomplish the revolutionary cause of Juche pioneered by Kim Il Sung to the end.”


Afterwards,¬†Kim Jong Il¬†made public a number of works including “Songun Politics of Our Party Is a Powerful Political Mode of Socialism” and “The Songun Revolutionary Line Is a Great Revolutionary Line of Our Era and the Banner of Victory of Our Revolution”.

In the works, he described the Songun politics as a main political mode of socialism and said it is a strategic political mode to be consistently kept as long as imperialism remains on the earth and the revolution continues.

His Songun politics stirred up the world revolutionary people for its great influence and attraction.

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