Socialist Education System

Extracurricular Education Encouraged During Vacation

The educational authorities of the DPRK have taken new measures to make students receive extracurricular education to their heart’s content according to their aptitudes and talents during this winter vacation instead of giving them homework.

“In the past students of primary and junior and middle schools were burdened with holiday tasks, which had certain negative impacts on their physical and mental growth,” said Kim Chang Su, department director of the Education Commission.

According to him, summer vacation will also be extended markedly in order to enable students to have a good rest during the holiday as they acquire knowledge and skills at hobby groups according to their liking or go on a study tour.

These measures are now positively responded by teachers, students and their parents across the country.

A teacher said that it provides students with good opportunities to develop their individuality and potentiality during vacations.

In accordance with the new measures, hobby groups that were limited to math, foreign languages, music, composition, IT, sports and some others have greatly been increased in number as classrooms have been turned into hobby group rooms.

A great variety of hobby groups have come into being, including those of abacus, jigsaw puzzle, rhythm, singing, janggu (hourglass drum), badminton, basketball, horizontal bar, skipping rope, track and field, vaulting horse, and ssirum (Korean wrestling).

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