Angler Enjoys Midwinter Fishing


Probably catching fish by opening a hole in the frozen river gives people a taste for angling in winter.

“Angling is the most cheerful amusement, I think,” says Kim Chon Ho, an old man living in Pulgungori-dong No. 1, Pothonggang District, Pyongyang.

Ordinary people may say they are “out of their mind”, but many anglers spend the whole day standing on the ice from early morning in the dark till late in the evening.

They all have an urge to go out to the middle of the river and catch a big fish if the rivers are frozen deep.

Kim Chon Ho has frequently ridden on the winner’s podium at the annual anglers’ competition of Pyongyang.

According to him, after his retirement, he developed an interest in angling and has never “laid down” his fishing rod even a day for eight years since then.

“It is interesting to catch a fish with a fishing rod, but the pleasure of pulling the fishing-line while feeling the fish pull at the hook hanging down below the hole on the ice really beggars description,” he says.

Kim admits that as fishes do not eat much feed in winter, it is not easy to catch fish, but he says he would not return home empty-handed if he finds the place where fishes are wintering or the way they are moving.

He seems to have got the knack of it.

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